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 Airbrush Magic, Houston, TX - We were recently contacted by a promotional company out of Dallas to do a promotional gig with them where we would airbrush tattoos on Bieber fans, attending the movie premier “Never Say Never”. It was held at the Marquis Theatre in Houston. 

Airbrushing for special events, promotional events and birthday parties is one of the things we do. Armed with our airbrushes, experience and confidence we create on the spot and spontaneously with the airbrush. It is fun and interesting.

WHAT MAKES IT “MAGICAL?: ”Everyone is intrigued by the the way the airbrush works. It is sort of magical because the brush never touches the painting surface. And, since the paints are sprayed from the airbrush to the shirts, with air, they seemingly 'magically" appear on the T-shirts. It is fun, entertaining and exciting to watch the colors appear and blend on the shirts as they spell a name or exciting graphic appears. Also magically, is the way colors transcend from blue to green, when a yellow is applied over blue, or the way blue turns to purple when red is sprayed, applied over a blue letter.

The event went well, there were around a hundred fans lined up an hour or so before the movies started. We were there set up with our equipment ready to start painting around the same time and started airbrushing those who requested the airbrush tattoos.

The tattoos, we airbrushed were based on what the promotional company had approved which was “JUSTIN BIEBER NEVER SAY NEVER.

The kids fans which were around the ages of 8 – 12 mostly young girls, were excited about the airbrushed tattoos. We were there for around three hours a sprayed around 50 tattoos. It was a fun gig for all, including me.  


Contact:     Ray 281-441-9714 


Airbrushing for Justin Bieber Promo Event
Airbrushing for Promotional, Special Gigs and Birthday Parties
Feb. 2011



Justin Beiber promo I.jpg (72819 bytes)                        Justin Beiber promo II.jpg (88040 bytes)







The logo (inset on top) reading 

was provided and approved by the promotional company for us to spray on as tattoos on  the fans' arms.