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Custom Airbrush Art on Metal Samples
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Above and Rights: All these pieces are painted by Airbrush Artist Ray Gatica. Polyurethane, automotive paints were used and were cleared with a top-coat of polyurethane clear.

The above works are airbrush painting on metal. They are slick, artistic and will last forever.

More of our work can be seen at our art related websites;,,

All above pieces are for sale. The original are for sale plus we are able to make prints of each.

We can be contacted through our website, or by calling 281-441-9714.


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TEXY 07 PRINT.jpg (466734 bytes)                  LIGHT MY FIRE PANEL II.jpg (72647 bytes)                   Turning up the Heat II.jpg (109049 bytes)







Title: Texy, Our favorite cowgirl.
Airbrush Art painted on metal


Title: Giving It All: Saxophone Jazz Player Giving it all!

Jazzy Airbrush art on metal
 A Jazzy piece
Go to see Digital version of the same image.



Title: Tuning up the Heat

Slick Sexy New Deco style Airbrush Art Painted on Metal



Title: "Virgin Mary"
"Virgen de  Guadalupe"
Airbrushed  Metal  Art

                                            NOTE: Dimensions for these panels 28 X 45 Inches. They each weigh around 15 pounds.


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AirbrushedVirgin Mary.jpg (72709 bytes)