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Another Airbrushed T-shirt at MICHAELS, Humble, TX



Airbrushing For Birthday Parties, Promotional and Special Events
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 AIRBRUSH MAGIC, is a new, unique entertainment idea for kids Birthday Parties and other Special Events. "I came up with the name ‘Airbrush Magic’ when we did a demonstration for kids at Michaels in Humble, TX. I decided to keep the name for this – since 'magic' and 'kids' go together" says airbrush, artist, Ray Gatica.

WHAT MAKES IT “MAGICAL?: Everyone is intrigued by the the way the airbrush works;  it is sort of magical because the brush never touches the painting surface. And, since the paints are sprayed from the airbrush to the shirts, with air, they seemingly 'magically" appear on the T-shirts. It is fun, entertaining and exciting to watch the colors appear and blend on the shirts as they spell a name or exciting graphic BRYAN SHIRT.jpg (387897 bytes) blue to green, when a yellow is applied over blue, or the way blue turns to purple when red is sprayed, applied over a blue letter.

SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES: Party Airbrushing is suitable for all ages from 3-on up; even the adults are entertained. We have even entertained college age students, adults at Promotional Events, Barmiztvahs & Birthday Parties and even a Justin Beiber promotion at a local Marqui Theatre in Houston.


Airbrushed Tshirt Shannon Haug.jpg (53404 bytes)                        Aibrushed Tshirt BIG NICK.jpg (71151 bytes)ABOVE - Promotional Event: The above airbrushed shirts were created for U of H students here in Houston, TX. It was a promotional event sponsored by Kaplan Test & Prep Academy (KTPA), where we worked with them to promote their services. 

The company logo was silk-screened on front of the shirts and, we personalized each shirt by airbrushing their names, quotes, slogans on location, in front of their eyes. They had fun watching their names magically appear on the shirts - and - we had fun painting and creating art with the airbrush. The event was held in February 2011. Airbrush Partygirlsback2.jpg (152476 bytes)AirbrushPArtygirlsgirlsFront2.jpg (155071 bytes)

RayAirbrushing T-shirt.jpg (74745 bytes)Airbrush, Artist Ray Gatica
put the finishing touches on on a clown he painted during an art demo at MICHAELS, in Humble, TX

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Above -  Birthday Party attendees show off their airbrushed T-shirts. The kids came up with the sayings, slogans etc., and we executed the airbrush art. Each shirt is original, no two shirts were the same. They had fun watching the airbrush painting and we had fun because they had fun.

The party was held in Sugarland, TX at a private residence. 
In September, 2011.

Contact:, 281-441-9714


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