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ABOVE: Prize Winning piece. A client came by with a photo of a piece he wanted to recreate on his motorcycle faring. It took a delicate approach to make  the female spirit translucent and see-trough. The back ground, the stone wall was done using a faux-technique, not airbrush.  The piece, has contributed to the owner winning a few trophies with his overall bike. He is very proud of it; as we are proud of our air-painting.


Airbrushed Wind Faring LosCarnales.jpg (104432 bytes)    Airbrushed Winda Faring Los Carnales 2.jpg (127074 bytes)

Above: Airbrush painted Wind faring: Hydro graphics did the skull work in the back ground and we painted the 'Los Carnales' logo. The work was intricate, see the cross and its detail. But because of  our experience it we were able to execute it well.


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Above: An airbrushed  gun receiver for a client. It was an intricate piece, the painted parts was around one and half inch. The teeth were around a quarter inch high. You can see in the first image where I laid my frisket tape and carefully cut the teeth to paint to get to what you see in the second image at right.







Learn to airbrush: We can provide airbrushing lessons to learn to paint motorcycles as seen here. We have over twenty years of airbrush painting experience. We are also experienced in painting using the urethane base coats and polyurethane clear.

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