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           Contact: Ray Gatica 15627 Old Humble Rd., Humble, TX 77396, 281-441-9714

FOR RELEASE by July 15 2011 July 1, 2011 

Humble, TX - Airbrush artist is giving an airbrush demonstration especially for children on Saturday, July 16, 2011 at Michaels in Humble located at 19653, at 10:00 – 12:00 AM. The artist will demonstrate his airbrush artistry for kids by painting on T-shirts. The first seven children to register on the day of the event day will receive a free personalized airbrushed fun wear T-shirt. 

Airbrush artist, Ray Gatica, from Humble, calls the Demonstration ‘Airbrush Magic’, because while he is airbrushing on the shirts - all the kids see are colors, appearing, seemingly, magically on the T-shirt as the colors are sprayed from the airbrush to the shirt. 

Gatica will entertain the young audience by spontaneously, creating, using the airbrush along with using pre-cut templates and letters, ripped cardboard and paper and other stuff to create special effects while personalizing the T-shirts. The results are colorful exciting graphics on the wearable fun wear. The artist uses a layer of two or three colors to make colorful whimsical, designs. Some of the things he will put on the shirts are whimsical colorful names along with colorful flowers, stars, baseballs, special effect graphics and things we can do spontaneously and quickly, in a about fifteen minutes per shirt. The demo is a fast paced demonstration in art and creativity, suitable for all ages.

Gatica is being sponsored by the Paasche Airbrush Company, and Createx Colors. Paasche has donated equipment including airbrushes, and, Createx has donated the airbrush paints for the demonstration. 

For more information or questions call Ray Gatica at 281-441-9714 or by emailing or, Michaels at 281-446-2118.


Note to editor: The artist is available to expound on the airbrushing process further, and answer any questions. Below is a bit more information on the process and the event.

The Process: Gatica, starts the designs by doing a light sketch with a light color (yellow), then he applies a darker color (red), and then a third color like (blue) then finally he comes in with the darkest color dark blue or black to define and finalize the design. Doing it this way allows the artist to do a quick sketch to size-up and balance the design on the shirt. Also, by overlaying the colors this way, it gives the design a colorful, soft, multicolored, contoured 3- dimensional effect. Unlike traditional mediums the airbrush instrument never touches the shirt’s surface.

During the demo even sudden mistakes and boo-boos will become something exciting. Gatica uses ripped paper towels and cardboard, precut patterns and stenciled letters to create spontaneously. Gatica’s lesson for children is to have fun creating by using what ever is at hand and to have fun creating spontaneously. 

The designs for the demo will be kept simple for expediency sakes, to keep the demo fast paced. Gatica has painted on helmets, cars, and vans and motorcycles where the designs can get more intricate and expensive.

Gatica, from Airbrush Magic a commercial art studio in Humble is an artist and graphics designer. He has been airbrushing for over twenty years. Being how an artist’s life is pretty solitary, he keeps in touch with reality and other humans during these demonstrations and by making time to teach airbrush at Michaels the Humble location. From his studio, Gatica can offer one-on-one lessons, and advanced lessons for those who’d like to learn to paint on vans, cars motorcycles, with the automotive urethane paints and clears.

Airbrushing For Parties and Entertainment Events: Gatica also gets hired to do his airbrush magic at parties, and as entertainment at special, promotional events. We have worked with entertainment companies to do the airbrush tattoos and airbrushed T-shirts. I like to do the airbrushing on T-shirts says, Gatica. I get to loosen up and just have fun. When we do events kid and the audience gets to walk away with a memento from the party, something they can take home with them. This also helps the promoter to have the audience take something to keep for future reference just like any other promotional item. 



Note to editor: The artist is available to expound on the airbrushing process further, and answer any questions.

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