Private Airbrushing Lessons in Houston, TX. 

Private Airbrush Lessons: With over Twenty-years airbrushing, and art experience we have pretty much done it all - including Car airbrushing painting on Motorcycles, Airplane Tail and Nose art, and painting on leather, T-shirts, Helmets, Guitars, Banners, Back-Drops Ė Wall and Window Graphics & Wall Murals; Mural and Art Repair, Unique Art and Large Architectural Graphics and Art.

We are available to provide one-on-one Airbrushing Lessons. to create some of the artistic items listed above. We are friendly and have a lot of experience. We start with teaching - the basics to advanced special effect techniques. We have over twenty years in the Art and Design business, so inevitably, we also provide art lessons along with the airbrushing lessons.†

The Lessons: We start the lessons by giving you a rundown on the mechanics of the airbrush, by taking it apart and assembling back together again. We will provide some practice, finger exercises to start with and how to hold the airbrush for maximum comfort and effectiveness. 

You will also learn to work with and cut and make your own shields and patterns (friskets) to save your self money. We will also cover the various types and sizes of airbrushes along with various air-source options. And finally, we will discuss the assorted paints to work on various surfaces from - airbrushing on metal  to - T-shirts, leather and walls. 

And finally we provide phone support, and discuss trouble shooting and how to avoid the pit falls and frustration while beginning to airbrush. 

Normally, we tailor the sessions/lessons towards the interest of the student i.e., working on special specific surfaces like  airbrushing on textile, T-shirts, cloth, shoes and leather jackets - to working on glass, mirrors, metal to create special effects and flame techniques on, motorcycle tanks, cars, vans, airplanes, etc...

We use Paasche airbrushes, but there are a variety of other brushes available. 

Support:after the Lessons: Normally we can assist you with trouble shooting over the phone even if it is not one of our brushes. This is because they all work on the same principle and are similarly built. We are also familiar with other airbrushes in various sizes.  If you have questions - we have answers. We have manufacturer's catalogues so we can discuss the various options of airbrushes that may suit your particular directions. 

PRICE: The cost is $260.00 for six hours. (Group prices are available). When possible, we break up the six hour course in to 3-two hour sessions. But to accommodate our occasional, out of town visitors, we have done the six hours in one day, and two days.  We provide all materials including, airbrushes, air supply and paints.

Itís a great way to learn the best airbrush options before investing in airbrushes, air sources, materials and supplies. This initial course can very easily apply to more advanced techniques as well.

  Advanced Airbrushing Classes are available.


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