Keithncar.jpg (208653 bytes)   I am an airbrush artist; a client (at left, whom will  remain anonymous) contacted me to custom airbrush paint a replica of an ?85 Lamborghini Countach. His idea was  to paint the car with various images of  super heroes, like, Thor, Spiderman, The Hulk,  Captain America, and Metal Man.

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The client looked into wrapping the car but was told that because of the car?s numerous, planes, angles overall complicated bodylines they were not able to do it and recommended that he find a capable airbrush artist.  By doing a search a Google search on the web, he found me. I found the project exciting and met the challenge head on.  It took about three weeks to complete the work. 

We started by collecting the images he client wanted painted on the car and the positions that would fit the areas where the characters were going to be placed. The idea was to paint the assorted Super Hero characters on to the car and then tie them all together with a background scene.

We selected a variety images, and selected the one that would fit in the spaces we wanted to fill with the images. Next I took measurements of the spaces and projected the images to the measurement sizes. We selected Captain America, Metal Man, The Flame and Spider Man for the hood. Thor was selected for the right hand door. The Wolverine was selected for the driver?s side front door. The hulk was on the left side rear quarter panel. On the right side under behind Thor, we ran some flames from the flame on the front and ran them all the way back to the rear spoiler. This took care of filling out the right side. At the rear, underneath the spoiler, we filled out with The Thing's upper body. The idea with the various images was to fill out the cars body space.

After I projected the images for size I drew them on a piece of transparent paper, which allowed me see and place the paper on the car where It would allow me to transfer the images; This was done by using graphite powder to transfer the images to the work surface.

After the images were transferred to the cars' surface they were ready to start airbrushing. For this project I used the automotive urethane paints. After the images were placed on the car with the graphite I placed application tape on top of the images. The application tape is translucent enough that it allowed me to see the image lines underneath. I then mixed and prepare the colors. The tape also is used for frisket purposes so that we can pint the images and keep al the edges nice, clean and crisp. 

Once we have all the images painted where they were suppose to be, our next step is to prepare for the spraying back ground. We start this by using the same tape and cover back up all the painted images. We then start airbrushing the background, which the client has a good idea of what he wants. After getting the feel for what he wants-  I am able to start mixing the colors needed. I start by mixing a yellow, red and blue to get a burnt-orange, brownish color.  I start by laying that color down and then free handedly I paint yellow, darks shadows and high lights. After laying these colors down we are ready to see what we have. It is time to take off the tape of the covered images. After this I can see that I have to add colors to tighten the background so that there is no white showing from where my inexact cutting, there were a few areas where the background doesn't meet up with the painted action figures.

After all this is done we are finally ready to spray the polyurethane topcoat over the whole thing. This is the final step in the process. You can see the results below.

For the client, the car has been a life long dream realized. The project has been a few years in the works. His intention is to rent the car for promotional purposes to Comic book stores and Super Hero conventions.

I can be reached at 281-441-9714 to answer any questions and expound further on the process.   

You can some of our other special projects at the following link: www.AirbrushMagic.net


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