Airbrushing on Corvette Hood Liners
by Houston, TX
June 2016


We at Airbrush Magic get calls for numerous custom airbrushing different projects. One of the things we have gotten call lately for is to do is airbrushing on Corvette hood-liners.

Regarding the airbrushing on the hood liners, I first heard about this when I had an airbrush student come from up near the Dallas area and she wanted airbrushing lessons to learn to airbrush paint on the corvette liners. So, we  wound up painting two for her as her take home project. This was new to me at the time, but since then I have had to paint three for different clients.

Usually a client has a particular idea in mind when they come to me. I ask them to bring any samples of what they like if they have. Usually when people describe ideas to me verbally I can visualize their ideas. If they are not certain as far as a design we get together and I might draw up a brief sketch to make sure I have a good grasp of what they are visualizing. It might take me a couple of times or a few sketches which we can look over via email going back and forth a few times. Usually the client takes off the liner and leaves it with me. It usually takes a week or so for me to complete the art/turnaround.

 Usually on the liners, we are limited in detail but we can put a simple concept into play and make it come out pretty nice.

We use acrylic paints. Our process entails cutting friskets/templates for the finer detail and to keep the art clean and sharp. In some cases I also use traditional brushes to achieve what I envision and what works the best.  We ask the client to keep in mind that what we do on the liner is limited to detail unlike airbrushing on a metal painting where it is easier and the resolution will be tighter and more polished. But with our thirty-year-experience we can do just about anything.

With over thirty years of airbrush painting experience I can execute most ideas well. I am pretty confident of this; no brag just factů

You can see some of our challenges at the following link  Every project is different just like the clients; each, has their own idea for a painting or design. And, each design has its own challenges too.

 Even-though we have a few limited samples of what we have done as far as the airbrushed Corvette hood liners what we have done - the clients have reacted positively and favorably. Ultimately, one of the things that puts a smile on my face as an artist- is seeing a client/customer react positively and with a genuine smile of approval when they come to pick up final product.

 During the thirty years of experience we have airbrushed on just about everything including motorcycles, cars, etc., along with creating unique airbrush art on metal and more. Besides airbrushing we also paint traditionally with brushes.

You can see samples of the liners and other airbrush works at

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