Airbrush HUMBLE Ice.jpg (48041 bytes)

(Above) Airbrushed Ice box lettering for Boekers Ice Company in Humble. For this job we used oil base enamel paints.

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We do airbrushing on trucks vans, motorcycles, containers, airplanes and  regular signs and graphics.

We do custom airbrushing and we design off your ideas. We can help with the initial design along with executing the painting. We can come to you.

Below are a few samples.

**Airbrushing on Trucks, Cars and Vans, Houston**

Airbrush Ultimate Truck door.jpg (69133 bytes)

Airbrush HAndle Bars sign II.jpg (41994 bytes)

 (Above) Sign on metal panel:Handle Bars Custom Airbrush sign 4 X 6 Ft. Metal panel was provided by client

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(Above) "Scensty" custom painted tail gate art: The client wanted a slick paint job to advertise. We painted the design using automotive urethane paints and sealed it with a Urethane clear coat

(Above) Truck door lettering with airbrush. For this 
we used a block font and added the 1/4 inch
edges around them so that we could high-light 
and shadow the letters to give them a chrome, 
3-D effect.Scentsy Tailgat.jpg (1113648 bytes)

(Above) Steel Container Lettering  20 X 8 Ft. For this we were provided the design by the client. We sized to fit the container and painted it using oil based paints enamels .