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Houston TX - Lately, we have been getting more calls for airbrushing at parties and special events says Ray Gatica from Airbrush Magic in Houston, TX. We have been getting more requests to entertain at parties and other events than in the past. I guess it catching on little by little.  

This week we will painting T-shirts at the campus of University of Houston,  for a Test and Prep company as entertainment as part of their promotional campaign. Last year we worked with an entertainment company and airbrushed tattoos on kids and adults for a big event at one the Hotels near the Galleria, for a birthday party. We have also gotten calls for fund raising events.

I came up with the name ‘Airbrush Magic’ when we did a demonstration for kids at Michaels in Humble, TX. Since painting with the airbrush is sort of magical because with the airbrush the paints comes out of the airbrush magically, it seems, making it fun to watch and entertaining. And since it was a demo mostly for kids, I felt the name was apropos. I felt the name would also be a good name for what I do.



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July '11, 2012

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Above: Airbrush Artist Ray Gatica works on airbrush painting a T-shirt at a Demonstration for kids  at Michaels in Humble, TX..

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Instead of having just the old traditional clown or magician at a party we feel it is just as good idea to have an airbrush artist come and entertain the kids and adults as well” say Gatica. On top of the entertainment factor the kids get to take home an airbrush T-shirt as a memento as wearable fun wear.

Mostly,  what we do while painting the shirts is names, funny looking clowns, whimsical cowboy boots and, girly things like colorful hearts and flowers for girls. The names are executed loosely by hand giving it an almost graffiti like, in two or three colors. If I can visualize it i will create it on the spot.

For more adult things we put on names, team school logos, simulated NFL logs, and characters. 

We get calls for doing airbrushing for parties. What we do is set up at the event; we take acrylic paints that are no toxic or harmful and that can be safely sprayed in a well-ventilated area. We have been contracted to do airbrush painting, tattoos for kids and adults. Gatica has done demonstrations at Michael's Art Stores in the past.

Airbrushing T-shirts at kids parties. Where either the client provides the T-shirts or the kids being in used shirt where they can take a airbrushed shirt with them from the event, which makes a nice, wearable, fun memento.

 Gatica makes it fun to watch. To entertain the audience he uses the airbrush along with precut templates and letters, ripped paper and paper towels, cotton balls and other stuff to personalize and created colorful wearable fun wear.

 The demonstration is a fast paced art demonstration in art and creativity suitable for all ages. In Gatica’s demonstrations, even sudden mistakes and boo-boos become can turn out exciting and visually interesting. Gatica’s lesson for children is to have fun creating by using what ever is at hand to create spontaneously.

The idea is a good one for parties and events. Because the audience gets to take something home form the party, something they can wear, something artistic.

 Another time when Gatica gets to demonstrate is creativity on the spot is when he paints baseball helmets at opening days for baseball events. While we are there we paint directly and create spontaneously on the helmets. Usually we paint a name, a number in a variety of colors usually specified by the customer. We use acrylics paints that can be sprayed safely in a well-ventilated area. After the painting we usually spray a light clear coat to enhance and protect the design.

 We do as many as we can during the time there at the event. Normally we get more orders to paint the helmets than we can do there so we wind up bringing some home to do in my shop here at the house.

 Gatica has been airbrushing for over twenty years. Being how an artist's life is a solitary one, he uses these demonstrations and exhibitions as a means to keep in touch with reality and other humans. Doing these demonstrations allows Gatica to come out of his cocoon - to show off his airbrush artistic skills and entertaining kids while having fun meeting and talking to people.

Gatica also offers airbrush lessons to beginners. He is also qualified to give advanced lessons for those who wish to learn to work with the automotive urethane paints with the polyurethane clear coats. This is what is used to create custom art and graphics on motorcycles, cars and vans.

The cost is around $100.00 per hour, two hours minimum, plus $100.00 travel and set-up charge. The price may vary depending on the event size and party attendees and location.  For further information and details, call us. 

You can see samples of Gatica’s art at his website Other sites that showcase his art are,

Contact Ray Gatica at  281-441-9714, Cell: 832-794-2149Get Directions to Airbrush Magic where we are located in North East Houston.