Airbrushing on Baseball Helmets and Megaphones 

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(Above) Airbrushed Catcher HelmetsHelemt Skull flames II.jpg (59742 bytes)

Above: Same Helmet - Front and Back:
Airbrushed Flaming Skull (front)  and Name in Flames ( back)

Airbrushing on Softball Helmets


    At Airbrush Magic Studio in Humble, we are invited to attend Baseball Opening Days and Tournaments during baseball season. We are available to come to your event, you can contact us, below. 
    Usually we come to the site or your event and set up our equipment and are able to paint on site. We also take orders for custom paint jobs off your ideas.            
    Here are a few samples of what we can do for you.  When we paint the helmets we spray an acrylic top coat to protect the art.

    To contact us call Ray at 281-441-9714 or email: You can also visit our website: Arbrush helmet megaphones.jpg (64495 bytes)

Helmet feathers chief.jpg (47804 bytes)

Above: A custom paint job for a client that wanted a Indian (Native American) Chief's Head Piece  with feathers for daughter's catchers helmet.

Below the customer's favorable comment:

She liked it very much.  Couldn’t wait to use it.