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Houston TX - As a commercial art and design studio we have been asked to produce a variety of art, illustrations, graphics, logos, children’s art and murals and portraits including fun, children portraits and adults portraits.

We can help you in the initial design stages or we can take your ideas and make them come to life through a custom airbrush art piece of work.

Usually the client provides an idea of what they want created and we take it from there. Because of our years creating and painting in the arts field, we are adept at creating in a variety of styles.  

Airbrush art is like no other type of art and unique in the way it is created. Most novices know how to draw with the airbrush, and can free handedly create some pretty art, i.e., T-shirt are, paint letters and graphics etc., basic stuff. But airbrush art is much more than that, and can get pretty sophisticated and complex .

To create airbrush art one needs a knowledge of art and the mechanics of the airbrush tool and its manipulation, and some specific materials and supplies exclusive to the airbrushing process, like the frisket films to cut and make positive area that will contain the paint and eliminate fuzzy edges..

As an airbrush artist, Gatica goes back to the days when photo retouching was done strictly with the airbrush. The airbrush was created primarily as a photo-retouching tool. Since then, over the years, it has evolved as an art medium.

In the eighties, while living in Connecticut, Gatica provided retouching services to commercial printers, photographers and other commercial and private clients. With the airbrush and proper inks we would add twinkles to jewelry, obliterate something in the back ground, we would even add to the back ground and photo; and even add highlights, and shadows to a photo or piece of art.

While providing the commercial services mentioned above, Gatica also created custom art and painted art with the airbrush and kept learning and practicing.

These airbrushing gigs lasted during the eighties and early nineties. Then came the advent of the computers, more specifically PhotoShop and other digital imaging software. Photoshop was specifically as a photo editing software, and very sophisticated at that. After the digital retouching - all one has to do is send it over to a photographer or commercial printer and there it was; done. It took a lot more artistic skill to do it with the airbrush, albeit more expensive. We used to charge around hundred dollar per photo.

Unfortunately, the airbrush was no longer needed for photo retouching, it is just another industry displaced by the computer.  

Fortunately, Gatica still paints with the airbrush. He creates and paints on metal, which is a new avenue for him. “I had these ideas of painting on metal. I got a chance to try this a few years ago. Having painted on pickups, cars, vans etc., for customizing outfits that customized pickups he became familiar with the new urethane automotive paints. I got excited because these paints would allow me to do something that I had wanted to do for a long time create art on metal, because I like slick art; and you can’t get any slicker than painting on metal, a creating metal art. The urethane paints are perfect for the airbrush, minimal clogging and after you are all done you lay a nice smooth, clear, glossy finish topcoat that ad dimension to the paintings. They are very slick.

I had these ideas to paint these pin-up type female forms, not only female forms but jazzy style work with semi abstract musicians playing their instruments  with flames coming out. My style is modern, jazzy and my favorite is Art Deco art.

On top of creating art, Gatica has done a variety of custom jobs for people, like: matching curtains, textile color patterns, restore art by retouching sculptors and other pieces of art, created airbrush art on glass and mirrors, restored/repainted glass stain leaded glass art, decorative painting on furniture.

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Custom Airbrush Art, Houston TX
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